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At the most senior level, companies in Bangkok, Thailand and all of Asia are searching for the most talented people in the market.  These positions could be for senior Executives and Directors or at times they could be for specific services or technical roles that our multinational clients are in need of. 

Our clients want people that understand their business that also have the skill sets to push them to the next level.  As Headhunters, it is our job to find these people. Headhunters at KTI Consultants are experienced recruiters that assist multinationals in locating these individuals in Thailand, as well as the rest of Asia. KTI Headhunters not only search for talent, but offer vast amount of services to our clients, so that they can focus on their business.

A Headhunter is different than a traditional recruitment firm or agency in the level of service that we provide.  Instead of just posting ads and searching on databases, your KTI Headhunter will proactively find specific people you want or from companies you prefer.  A Headhunters approach is more aggressive in finding the talent you need and want.

A KTI Headhunter will partner and advise our client's management teams in Bangkok. Once we have discussed on what their needs are, as well as understand their company culture. Our services from there, we'll then provide them on the current market situations, the setting of salary levels and expectations, what options do they have in terms of candidates, and how best to attract these individuals.

As Headhunters, another service agreement we provide is confidentiality. We understand privacy is of great importance to our clients.  Most of our publicly traded clients do not want to advertise to others of their expansion plans or personnel losses.  KTI Headhunters guarantee your data and information that you provide to us, will be strictly confidential.