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11 Oct 2016
BANGKOK Reference : v1451
100 - 150K


Core Responsibilities:

Involvement in the implementation of a Continuous-Improvement Program

  • Clearly defines program objectives and scope.
  • Secures employee commitment for proactive change management.
  • Appropriately implements principles of governance.
  • Evaluates and prioritizes potential improvements based on gains and required effort.
  • Establishes a clear and well-articulated implementation plan.
  • Establishes criteria for the project’s success and prepares a sound statement of constraints.
  • Realistically defines specific project charters.
  • Resolves technical problems: e.g., formulation, equipment, product, interpretation of regulations, resource availability.
  • Implements performance indicators and establishes focus groups.
  • Appropriately verifies the sustainability of these measures.


Management of Continuous-Improvement Projects

  • Conducts a detailed analysis of the current situation and accurately describes the issues.
  • Identifies intervention priorities and indicators.
  • Secures commitment from process managers and mobilizes other involved parties.
  • Specifies deliverables, outcome indicators, and performance-measurement indicators.
  • Identifies available resources: people, material, finances, etc.
  • Clearly identifies team members and associates, and clarifies their roles and responsibilities.
  • Maps out in detail the desired situation.
  • Analyzes and identifies gaps.
  • Clearly and rigorously defines methodology.
  • Accurately analyzes options as well as their impact and feasibility.
  • Specifies obstacles and ways to overcome them from the perspective of continuous improvement.
  • Regularly monitors the implementation of solutions to achieve objectives and expected benefits.



  • Bachelor degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering or above, MBA is preferred.
  • 10 years of IE experience, of which minimum 4 years in managerial level
  • Strong knowledge in process and system improvement.
  • Certificate in continuous improvement programs i.e. six sigma, lean is preferable.
  • Good team player, strong analytical skill & project management and effective in communication
  • Proactive and flexible 

Working Condition:

  • Working day: Monday-Friday (and on Saturday bi- weekly)