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15 OCT 2012
BANGKOK Reference : N/A
120 - 150K


Key Responsibilities:

  • To directs and coordinates the NI business activities and systems in accordance with the strategies and polices of company to ensure that the OC achieves its budgeted NI objectives
  • Participate in Group NI strategic planning process.
  • Define OC Strategy and align with the Group’s NI Vision for the next 3-5 year period.
  • Implement product positioning strategies, and achieve OC sales targets.
  • Establish market price for product lines.
  • Prepare budget and rough plan inputs, and conduct operational analysis of results and deviations (OC and Branch level) and establish actions to close variances.
  • Support Group regulatory initiatives and follow-up with the local authorities /notified bodies.
  • Coordinate with Human Resources the technical training related to new product lines.
  • Launch products and ensure that all prerequisite processes, tools, etc., are implemented.
  • Take responsibility for the overall Product Line OC NI targets.
  • Apply methodologies and systems for internal benchmarking on NI processes.
  • In consultation with Group PLMs, establish actions for closing identified performance gaps and agree upon the expected impact.


Key Challenges:


  • With fast changing and competitive business environment, this position requires the ability to come up with sales & marketing strategies that maximize clients’ satisfaction while reducing the company’s risks.
  • Ability to manage the projects to achieve the profitability target.
  • Ability to plan and come up with cost solution and project management planning to gain both company’s profitability and clients’ satisfaction (in term of time frame, quality and cooperation).




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or appropriate engineering subject
  • Has knowledge in Sales & Marketing, Commercial and Financial concepts.
  • Has conceptual understanding in technical engineering regarding elevator and escalator installations with knowledge of construction works.
  • Understanding of industry and overall business, flexibility and ability to visualize the big picture, good communication and human relation skills.
  • 10-12 years in elevator industry or construction related business, a project management background with 3-5 years in management position.
  • Good command of English both written and spoken is highly required.
  • Good computer skill (Microsoft Office)